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Things we've left at other peoples' doors

Latex gloves filled with waterMost contained messagesOne was frozenSticky notes galoreA cup of bacon greaseA waffle with bacon in the shape of a happy faceSwedish fishPhotoshopped pictureOurselves!

Things left at our apartment thus far

Empty cup of ramon named PhillupLatex gloves with love notes on themStarburstsBeautiful sketch of holding handsA plate of watermelonPeanut Butter and bread (stuck to our door)+yoyogurt cardGallon of sour milk

Things to do with bacon grease

1. Put it in a cup and let it sit on your counter for three days
2. Put it your fridge for safe keeping
3. Use as a substitute for butter to keep costs down
4. Mix it in with scrambled eggs
5. Pour it into latex glove and give to innocent bystander
6. Eat it plain (not recommended)
7. Use as wax to shine wood surfaces
8. Name it and treat it like another roommate
9. Feed it more grease
10. Give it as a gift to someone who was kind enough to wash 37 dishes for you the previous day

*Disclaimer: These may or may not have all been tested. Please check with an adult before trying any of them at home.