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Two Homes and Still Drifting

I came back to Utah last week. 

Utah that felt like a foreign land in 2011 when I moved out here as a timid and innocent college freshman.
Utah that felt like home when I drove away in 2017 after years of running in the mountain foothills, working closely with BYU professors on campus, and going on adventures with friends. 

And coming back actually felt like coming home despite having moved away a year ago.

I mean, I drove down to Utah Valley Sunday morning for a dear friend's farewell and was instantly overwhelmed with love for the friends who were also there. It felt like a glorious homecoming to the people who helped me learn to call Provo my home and helped me find a better, more outgoing and more authentic version of myself.

And come to think of it, maybe it's not just the magical, green mountains that whisper home.

It's the people who made this home. 

These feelings of Heimat and belonging are actually a little bit paradoxical because I just left a place that feels like hom…