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Like many of you, I once was a child.

A child who loved legos and polly pockets and stuffed animals and named everything she could Crystal. Because Crystal was the name of winners. And of popstars. And of a specific combination of ions, atoms, and molecules. 
Not only was I under the impression that Crystal was the coolest name ever, but I also assumed most of my life choices couldn't be harder than picking the perfect name, which fortunately was a one-name-fits-all decision. 
That decision making style doesn't seem fit anymore. Or else I would be going to school in a town called Crystal studying crystalogy, a subcategory of geology (I think).
Because real life expects you to make different and better decisions every day.
Which is awesome because that's part of the miracle of CHANGE
And even if you don't make a decision about something, you are in fact still making a decision to not decide and not to act. Sneak attack of a decision hiding in the appearance …