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Some things to be thankful for...

My mom and her gourmet cooking and loving spiritMy dad and his inquisitive natureTaylor, who is happily serving the Lord in California for his last Thanksgiving away from homeLogan, who is so full of energy and lifeMy house (with soft carpet, stairs, multiple bathrooms)My bedA fridge full of food Colorado SpringsMusicA pianoMountainsRunningMy bodyVolleyball and tennis and other sportsLaughterKiley PlattCharlotte MartellBethanie SonnefeldMarcia NygaardChristian KerrCaleb Smith+his familyJenny MurnaneTy HigleyMemoriesWritingBooksHistoryLoveEmotionsJesus ChristPresident Thomas S. MonsonExerciseChristmas

Things that have been hard at college

Tests. I miss getting really good grades.Riding my bike to school every day, even when the gears are frozen.Not eating gourmet meals every day because let's face it, no one can cook better than my mom.The absense of fruit and health foods.Going to bed at a decent hour.Learning it's ok to clean up after the other people you live with. I had this idea that every time I did something for my little brother at home, I was depriving him of the opportunity to learn responsibility. Service is good too though.Not having my family close byMissing my best friends Marcia and ChristianThinking about money. Stupid real world problems. Comparing home to here. Colorado Springs has so many wonderful things and people, but so does BYU. It's just different.