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From Peonism to Peasanthood.

I realize one of my last posts was about not being a peon, which is pretty similar to not being a peasant. But the past several weeks I’ve been thinking even more about peasanthood (#historymajorproblems) as I’ve reflected on what I’ve learned this semester regarding life, history, and German. So I thought I’d return to my favorite topic.
My range of emotions seems to be pretty limited compared to most people; my strongest and most common feelings are those of peasant or peon (yes, those are feelings), though I also experience fair amounts of complacent bourgeois-ness. During my time at BYU, I have had many instances of feeling like a peasant, but I have learned that I am not literally (or figuratively?) an actual peasant.
I was trying to think of a good story to illustrate this principle, but I mostly just thought about the times I’ve spent lying on the ground in my room, looking up at the ceiling and trying to contemplate life. For some reason, such pondering has always made me feel …