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Claire's Top Five Worst Christmas Movies

You've been waiting all month for it. You've watched several yourself. And now it's here.

Claire's Top Five Worst Christmas Movies.

Disclaimer: I actually only watched twelve. There are probably hundreds more but I ran out of time and mental capacity. The seven that aren't ranked will get honorable mention at the bottom.

5. A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale
From the opening scene, it's already impossible to take the movie seriously. The main character, what's-her-face, springs up from bed exclaiming "5 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!" It gets better when she meets up with her boyfriend to exchange Christmas presents, only for him to say "I didn't know we weren't dating." And then she gets all huffy because as it turns out, he also doesn't like Christmas. Then she goes crazy and yells something like, "I am a flavorful, flawless peppermint milk and you're some day old coffee with a dinky packet of splenda." Classic, right? Als…

The Reluctant Graduate

Yeah, that's me. 
The reluctant graduate.

As as much as I'd like to say that I'm so excited that I finished my undergraduate degree with a double major in History and German, I'm not too fond of endings
Especially endings of things I love.

Let's take the present example.
I'm one of those people who flourished in the regular school system. 
Classrooms were my favorite places.
I liked group discussions. I loved lectures. I was happy writing papers. I even appreciated a good test. 
My German and history classes taught me loads about broadening my perspective, thinking analytically, and finding depth and beauty in both the past and other cultures.
My undergrad was an excellent breeding ground for learning.

Like when I went to Italy and learned how to hold a pigeon. But that was just a small lesson.

In addition to the actual schooling, I was blessed with the best student jobs I could have asked for--ones that gave me superb mentors, priceless experience, good pay, and hours …