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Quarter-life Crises, How to Solve Them, and How to Fall Back into Them

Two months of radio silence followed the release of the world’s Worst Christmas Movies, but it’s about time words spoke again.

Let’s review where I was at that point: graduated and excited for the future. Let’s look at where I was in January: graduated and questioning my existence and purpose in life and believing I would remain a peasant forever. Let’s look at where I am in February: graduated and excited for the future.

But soooooo much has changed since Christmas.

I started teaching German at a charter school at the beginning of January, which was great--except the limited hours available often left me whining to my mom as I stared hopelessly at the ceiling contemplating the lack of direction my life currently had. Much like onto this video of a girl running on a treadmill.

I called this month-long period part of a quarter-life crisis, which is similar to a midlife crisis but comes sooner. #luckymillenials

How did I get through the plagues of an unwanted existential crisis during such a t…