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Forward Motion

Yes, I used this title already for a mission email. It's called recycling. Or just reusing.
So in the 54 days I've been home from my mission, I've failed at keeping my blog. Sorry. And I know. I’m being one of those annoying people that use their mission as a point of reference for any mention of time. I can’t help it. Everything has suddenly become “before my mission” or “after my mission.” Or “during my mission.” But I wrote approximately 75 emails about that 18 month adventure.

Forever Adjusting

It's been a while.
Approximately 18 months.
Because of the whole give-all-your-time-up-to-teach-people-in-Germany-about-the-restored-gospel-of-Christ-for-eighteen-months.
Yeah that thing that was wonderful and arduous and sometimes terrible but mostly beautiful that changed my life forever.

And so here I am in America again, trying to apply the things I thought I learned but failing miserably because maybe I learned too much or maybe I still don't really accept this whole being-a-process thing or maybe I'm just a peon. But I'm working on it.

You may ask, what kinds of things are hard?

Actually you probably know what kinds of things are hard in life but I thought I'd list a few more RM specific just in case.

Losing motivation to talk to strangers. Which was one of my favorite and least favorite things on my mission but I got really good at it. I don't know if it's the lack of name tag or what, but it just got a lot harder to greet everyone at church or …