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Scooters, childhood, and the like.


"And what do you want to do with that?"

It’s a terrible question. And a terribly common one too. An attempt at a get-to-you-know question that sounds more like an interrogation to me. Plaguing its victim with self-consciousness and uncertainty. You take it as a personal attack on your aspirations and plans and even your humanity and feel the need to validate and defend yourself, even if you’re not completely sure of your answer.
The dreaded “And what do you want to do with that?”
I live on a college campus where future schemes and dreams are constantly under construction, where the finished product is anything but certain. Yet we love predicting our hypothetical futures. Until we try to merge those with reality.

But when we first meet people, we usually ask questions about reality (we being unwilling to share our highly-imaginative-life-in-ten-years-vision). Like where we’re from. And what we like to do. And what we’re studying. When I respond to that last question with History and German, I usually get a lot of skeptical-why-w…

Keep on Dealing, Sam

So a couple of weeks ago at church, someone gave a talk about Lord of The Rings. About it being a metaphor for life and all. Not about explaining the different types of orcs and elves and wizards and whatnot, if that’s what you were thinking. But about life.
And life metaphors are great since we don’t seem to be satisfied with simply trying to comprehend life at face value. We search for ways to make life more relatable (because we can’t relate to our own lives?), or maybe we’re trying to deepen connections with things like running, literature, music, and good. Whatever the case, we obviously need help understanding life.

Fortunately, this talk helped me understand more about life rather than about Lord of the Rings. Since I seem to have a harder time coming to grips with reality than with fantastical stories. #livetheparadox

Anyways, the speaker emphasized finding a “Sam” in our lives—someone who will stay by our side and support, help, and love us no matter what. And then once we have…