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Berlin. In case you forgot.

In case you forgot, I'm going to Germany in just over three months to serve an 18 month mission for my church. Sometimes I forget that too. And by that, I mean I never forget that fact of my life. Ever. Like Ever. However, my thought process is not "What should I eat for breakfast? BERLIN!" or "How long will it take me to write an 8 page paper? BERLIN!" I do not answer every question with Berlin and if I did, it probably wouldn't be in all caps all the time. That just sounds exhuasting.  My thoughts go more like this: "What Berlin should Berlin I Berlin eat Berlin for Berlin dinner?" and "I Berlin did Berlin really Berlin well Berlin on Berlin that Berlin test." Life at BYU has become joint with upcoming life in north-eastern Germany.
You probably Berlin think that's really distracting and are wondering how I'm focusing on anything else. Like school. And the 48 pages due in my German class next week. I will tell you my Berli…

How to get elected into public office

It’s that time of year; the time for neighbors to become enemies and soccer moms to become a little more vicious. Time for political bumper stickers, rants against the current president of the United States on Facebook, and promises no one intends to keep. It’s presidential election time.
And mission call time. But I’ll hold off on that for a couple weeks. TBA.
Back to the presidential election.
If you’re ever interested in running for office (why you would want to be a politician I’ll never understand), definitely keep reading, for I have all the secrets for obtaining and maintaining office.
These lessons come from a study of US history as well as ads I've seen or heard. Special thanks to my US History professor, Mathew Madsen, for his excellent lectures and political advice. He’s definitely been my favorite professor this semester and would be an excellent coach for anyone interested in getting elected. In the 1830s. So here it is.
·Promise to lower taxes. Even if you know you won’t …