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My life is currently made up of countdowns.
10 more rooms to clean.
3 more check outs at the hotel.
3 weeks until my half marathon.
10 weeks of work left.
3 more months until school starts.
1 year until I can turn in mission papers.
And the most pressing countdown is....29 days until Taylor returns to our family!

The present has never been my favorite time, but usually I'm more fixated with the past rather than the future. I get caught up in grandeur castles, foolish aristocrats, and humble peasants from hundreds of years ago, but now, I just can't wait for things to come.
Clocks keep ticking in my head; waiting for the alarms to go off puts me on egde and probably raises my blood pressure. Good thing I run. And tragically gave up sugar until the half is over.

So, I'll continue counting down, because I'm totally capable of that math.

The Inquisition

I often talk about the men that live in my head. I think they deserve some more mention right now.
So I have a couple dozen dead people (sadly only three women: Catherine the Great, Elizabeth I, and Jane Austen) that sit upstairs while drinking coffee, smoking cigars, and discussing philosophy. They often argue with each other and try to help me make decisions.
No, I'm not a schizophrenic. They really existed and have simply left their personas behind.
Sometimes they give good advice. Sometimes, not so much.
I keep them around anyways.

The purpose in explaining the above was to tell you (ambiguous pronoun...who knows who I'm talking to) that there has been a Spanish Inquisition up there.
But not in a religious, bloody manner.
I started a job at a hotel this week and everyone who works there speaks Spanish. Except me. I know four Spanish verbs and a smattering of nouns, but that aids me little, especially when the other ladies don't speak English. Only one of the men in my head is…

Love Stories

I approve of love stories whole heartedly.
I just think we go overboard sometimes.
I've been home from BYU for over two weeks now and my social interactions in Colorado Springs have been slim to none. But I've grown so accustomed to spending a lot of time with friends all the time (they're called roommates) and attractive guys with sparkling personalities that I don't know how I was satisfied with this life before I left. Granted, I had friends at school and from sports, not to mention my bordering on unhealthy ardor for my classes at school, but my social life was at its prime during my freshmen year of college.
To make up for the lack of human friends here, I've buried myself in a myriad of books and movies.
Yes, my Jane Austen dosage has been too high. Yes, my history books have been somewhat neglected, unless they contain some kind of love story too. Don't judge. Actually, it's ok if you are judging. I probably would.
Love stories are great because…