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Things I love about BYU

My apartment (it looks pretty sweet now that we've organized things)My roommatesHelp and sincerely kind peopleMy ward!Parties every nightDivine Comedy!Exercise galoreExciting classes!New running trails:)The mountains are lovely...even though I said I wouldn't like themThe sweet thunderstorm we had last nightThe thousands of smiles and people who make me laughThe libraryThe maps in the buldingsEveryone is your friend! (and wants to give you food)

Magical places of my world

Doherty's history officeDoherty's foyerDoherty's courtyardThe BYU library (don't tell me 98 miles of books doesn't get you excited)my room in Colorado SpringsWyviewThe map in the international college at BYU with all the countries of Europe in their own languageMy kitchen in Colorado Springs

Books I read summer 2011 (yes, I realize 92% of them are history books)

Lenin, Stylin, and Hitler: The Age of Social Castastrophe (Gellately)-good book to start of my summer of 20th century tragediesThe Age of Napoleon (Horne)- felt like I owed it to Mr. Ecks to read a book about NapoleonFrom Dawn to Decadence: 500 years of Western Cultural Life (Barzun)-dense with knowledge, humanities here I come!Mysteries of the Middle Ages: The Rise of Feminism, Science, and Art from the Cults of Catholic Europe (Cahill)- good from what I remember...Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin (Snyder)-really made me appreciate my life and put things in perspectiveGulag voices (Applebaum)-good afterthoughts of the previously mentionedThe Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill (Humes)-what a funny manThe Man Who was Poe (Avi)-hey look! fiction! kinda...That's Not in my American History Book (Ayres)-I like American history textbooks betterOn the Wealth of Nations (O'Rourke)-I thought I had enough history to get through it, but my econmics knowledge is still limited…

Ways to tell that you're getting older

People look smaller and younger, even when you haven't grown since 7th gradeYou prefer to socialize with adultsYour email inbox is not full of messages from friends, but from various organizations, colleges, and people reminding you to pay for housingYou read more nonfiction than fictionPeople who left to serve two year missions two years ago are home. What a concept.You print out calendars to plan our your week, or month's, meals.You make more business calls than "let's hang out or talk" callsYour friends are starting to get marrried. And have children. And retire. Oh wait, not that last one.The "in five years..." talks are sounding less and less like the previous five years.Your calendar gets used more than your wii.You start to lose your hair, and then you realize that's just from stress.You do things to remind yourself of childhood, like buying crayons.You know that you only have a few more birthdays before age becomes just a number.

The effects of not sleeping while trying to mentally prepare to leave for college

Irritated eyesHeightened emotional responsesFeelings of devestation and anxietyNail bitingSnacking all dayNot doing things that need to be doneFailure to run, or painful runningSlower reflexesMessy room with lots of pilesLower defenses--the heck with being careful!More conversations with my dog than normalLoss of motivationIncreased clingynessWatching Lie to Me because that's almost like nappingKnowing my body can adjust to a college life schedule with minimal side effects

Things to do before I leave for college

·Read ten more books
·Make geography blanket ·sew skirts?
·Run a half marathon
·Have a picnic (maybe date style?)
·Enjoy final outing with friends
·Write letters to friends and family

·Pack for college and deep clean room
·Print out history people and quotes for picture frame board
·Notes to piano students
·Tennis with Marcia
·Eat frozen goodness often

Why I'm starting a blog

I'm leaving for college in 15 days and want to leave something behind, and forward.Lists govern my life; I make at least one a day, and I think you can tell a lot about people from the lists that they makeFacebook just doesn't get the whole job done.Some inner force is telling me to blog. It might be my spleen or possibly my liver.It's one more thing to add my crazy life!