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Grandmotherly Dating Advice

I have the coolest grandparents, no question about it. They are all incredibly kind and gifted and open-minded and let’s not forget hilarious.
I want to highlight my Grandma Jeri Woodward in this post--one of the great examples in my life: smart, feisty, funny. We are kindred spirits, so I value her opinion in all matters highly. And she’s given me an awful lot of dating advice since I came home from my mission two years ago.
Because let’s be real, I need it. #growingintomyawkwardness
Sometimes I ask for it, sometimes she just gives it to me.
That whole dating thing can be pretty hard and usually I think (okay, let’s be real here--I know) I’m doing it wrong but hey, she’s been married for over 60 years so she knows a thing or two.
Anyways, I’ve been listening to her sage dating wisdom over the years and if so you struggle with dating, maybe these seven helpful tips are for you too:
Don’t underestimat

One of the Gilmore Girls

My heart and my fingers are full of words, but not all of them can be written at this time. Or at any time perhaps. Because as wonderful as words are, sometimes they can’t do moments justice. Sometime you just have to listen with your heart.

The past month has revealed many good things.

The start of summer.

The continuation of learning French.

Two weeks in Germany with my family.

Two days in Prague.

The past month also brought a sort of sweet sadness in that I finished all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. Before we go further, let’s clarify that I’m not the type of person who stays up into the wee hours of the night watching episode after episode of whatever is on Netflix. Okay let’s be real, very few things can keep me up into the wee hours of the night anymore. #oldladyat23 The only TV shows I’ve gotten slightly obsessive with and emotionally attached to are Once Upon a Time