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Creative To a Fault

I have come to the realization that I can be creative to a fault. 
In regard to human interactions that is.  Okay and pretty much every other kind of interaction (which interacting with kitchen appliances? Thought TBC)

My expressions of love, empathy, interest, and care often show themselves a bit eccentrically, but they are essentially representations of my feelings and thus of me. 
I've never been a fan of "normal" (because what does that even mean anyways?) and I end up adoring people for their quirks and oddities because if we can't love others ourselves for those things, how individual can our love be?
So this is me embracing my creativity--that talent that simultaneously confuses and amuses people (at least in theory).

Let's look at some examples of "gifts" and and other "things" I have oh-so-creatively thought would make people smile in the past:

Carrots wrapped in tin foil.  Granted, giving someone carrots is already kind of a we…