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Guess I'll just have to wait and see....JK not my style

I am a very diligent journal keeper.
Journaling and running usually keep me from bouncing around like a crazy cat lady who actually owns no cats.

My past self always seems wiser than my present self--even though I'm pretty sure that I was an even dumber 23-year-old than I am a 25-year-old.
But that doesn't mean 23-year-old, 21-year-old, and even selfish 17-year-old me couldn't write some profound things.

This week's wisdom comes from April 2016 Claire.
This Claire had red and blonde hair and was still working on getting over a hard breakup and only had a semester left of school but was doing pretty well all things considered (read: about to burst into unprovoked tears of sentiment/nostalgia/healing/hurt at any moment but not as neurotic as Claire from March 2016 so we're on the up and up).

In the midst of this healing, this Claire wrote about some concerns/worries/anxieties about the future. Because the future was a dark, scary place where she didn't know if she woul…