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Pets that Peeve Me

Contrary to common belief, pet peeves are not actual animals nor do they have anything to do with Harry Potter. I know, you are shocked. Really, it's just a figure of speech. The word in German is Haupt√§rgernis, which is like a major irritation. So sever any connections you have between domestic animals and this word. Here are a few of my personal pet peeves:

People asking how you are. I know everyone does it and I do too, but it's the worst question in the world. The answer is always a lie. Always. Someone asks how you are and you say, "good" (or "well" if you have good grammar). There's the occasional "great" or "wonderful," but they generally remain positive answers. Because people don't really want you to bring up how terrible your life is in casual conversation. But for some reason we still ask. Possibly to feign interest in your emotional well being. Anyways, it's just a stupid question to ask if we already know what the…

How to be Socially Happy Again

Well, it's been a little harder adjusting back to college life than I previously thought.
Don't get me wrong, I still love being here and know that this is where I belong right now.
It's just different from last year. A lot different. If last year were a type of bird, it would be a flamingo. This year, it would be an ostrich. That's how different they are.
So I've kind of stayed in the cave that I burrowed into this summer and I'm in the process of digging myself out right (using only spoons). Here is my plan of action for how to be happier and more social:

Smile lots. At random people. Even if they're an awkward couple and I'm by myself. (don't smile creepily though; only normal smiles are permitted at this point)Say hello to people I pass on my runs.  Make friends with new roommates (we haven't really been home together so I feel like I don't know them yet). Extra credit: share something personal. I usually don't do that. Even when I…