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Insert witty title

It's been a while.
But don't worry, I haven't had a lot of interesting thoughts.
Or interesting events come up.
My summer life has consisted of running, working, and watching Psych. But two of those things are dwindling, for I ran a half marathon on Saturday and I only have three more episodes of Psych left on netflix.
Work has gotten better since I started listening to books on CD while I clean though and my summer reading list has sky rocketed.
You would think that my existence would seem more and more pointless the more days that I continue on like this. BUT tis not so, for my brother returns in two days from his two year mission. Every five minutes someone screams out how soon his return is and then we carry on with our normal conversations.
This excitement is enough to make anyone's life better though.
That and I'm getting out of my cave more and interacting with other humans.
Therefore, my abilities for speech are much better than they were a month ago. 92…