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A Terrible Secret for Two

I have a confession to make. A terrible, awful, embarrassing confession that I clandestinely admitted to two of my friends in the past month. And now I’m making a public statement.

I recently fulfilled all the requirements for my double major at BYU. That’s not the horrible secret. But I did this thing with this secret.

I only type with two fingers.

That’s right, I passed the Type to Learn program and a semester of computer typing class all before turning 16 pretending I had learned how to type with all ten fingers but really I’d just beat the system with two fingers.

Which I thought was an accomplishment at the time.

But then last fall came and I started typing up notes for one of my professors as his research assistant. And eight fingers screamed shamefully and tried to hide themselves, condemning me for Iacking a basic secretarial skill.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a poor typist. I still can type 60-70 words per minute, which is higher than the average of 40 words per minute, and when …