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Chocolate Tasting

Preface: As a freshmen mentor, I go to my students’ class about once a week. This week, I picked a great day to attend. Not just because the professor (who is brilliant) gave everyone a square of Amano chocolate, but because I had a fantastic talk with life during the class too (not aloud of course; I’ve learned my lesson there). Anyways, my students are working on a “Great Works” response, which is a reaction to some great piece of art, literature, or drama, but they didn’t really understand how to do that.
So what is the solution to this misunderstanding? Eating chocolate! Correction: Tasting chocolate. Which is completely different. If you don’t know the difference right now, you’ll soon know. Chocolate tasting is an art like wine tasting; it takes considerable effort, time, and precision to make valid judgments. The students read a chocolate tasting guide (found at and then their professor gave everyone a piece of expensive, …

Sophomore Girl Syndrome

It's been a month.
Because I promised to write something happier and less cynical than usual.
And that's been a daunting task.
Because as it turns out, life is hard.
When you're a sophomore girl at BYU.
And you decide to make one long run-on sentence into twelve fragments.
Because you're allowed to do that to add flair to your writing.
I think it shows voice.
Or that you're a non-conforming Indie kid.
Or are related to one.
That last one would be me.
Anyways, we're moving on to full sentences for a little bit. I almost started this sentence with "because," but then I remembered my promise from 5 seconds ago, so don't worry; it's a real sentence. So life at BYU is still good (adj: satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree), but it is also still hard. Here are some reasons why life is hard for most sophomore girls at BYU, though some are specific to me. You'll know which ones.
All of your guy friends have abandoned you for two years to do some…