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Brought to you by the Number 26

Today is brought to you by the number 26.26 days until I enter the Provo missionary training center. Where I will stay approximately26days (or less) before I peace out to Germany (which includes both the act of bringing peace and leaving the US behind for 18 months, which is 26-8. In case you wanted a stimulating math problem with the solution of 18 that included the number 26.) 26. 26. 26. I ran out of things that are 26 after the first item (as you undoubtedly noticed), but it should nevertheless satisfy the average human's need for the number 26. 

I am so excited. So excited that I tried desperately to somehow connect this blog post with the number of days I have left as a normal human being before I turn my life over to God for a while. I did a tolerable job. 
I'm spending the week in Indiana with grandparents and other estranged relations. Except minus the estranged part. Though sometimes strange. Anyways, it's grand and I appreciate things like a.) pouring rain in the wint…