Pets that Peeve Me

Contrary to common belief, pet peeves are not actual animals nor do they have anything to do with Harry Potter. I know, you are shocked. Really, it's just a figure of speech. The word in German is Haupt√§rgernis, which is like a major irritation. So sever any connections you have between domestic animals and this word. Here are a few of my personal pet peeves:

  • People asking how you are. I know everyone does it and I do too, but it's the worst question in the world. The answer is always a lie. Always. Someone asks how you are and you say, "good" (or "well" if you have good grammar). There's the occasional "great" or "wonderful," but they generally remain positive answers. Because people don't really want you to bring up how terrible your life is in casual conversation. But for some reason we still ask. Possibly to feign interest in your emotional well being. Anyways, it's just a stupid question to ask if we already know what they'll say. Next time someone asks you that, try emotionally unburdening yourself on them; they'll never ask again.
  • Bad grammar. Learn how to speak and learn how to write. It's not that hard.
  • Messy kitchens. I will put honey in your bed if you leave a messy kitchen behind.
  • Asking for volunteers for prayers at church. Just ask someone to avoid the awkward silence that follows and having the same person pray all the time.
  • Dirty bathrooms. It must be clean. And free of hairs on the sink. This results to almost daily counter cleaning since I share a bathroom with five other girls.
  • Comments that have nothing to do with a lecture during class. Tell the professor after class or talk to your roommates. The rest of the class really doesn't care why we should make gasoline from beetles.
  • Students asking questions that are clearly addressed on the syllabus. In bold print. Example. Student: "Professor, do we need to read the material listed before class?" Syllabus: "Read before class: The Puritan Dilemma pg 33-50" You really can't figure that out?
  • Ignorant political rants. Especially on Facebook. Especially on Facebook from 14 year olds who only repeat what they've heard their parents say. People don't really understand politics. You are adding nothing new to the political world if you post memes that say "Obama sucks." I love it when people are really into politics and they know what's going on, regardless of party. I hate it when they have prejudices based on party affiliation or hearsay. Do some research with both eyes open.
  • Utah roads. 'nuff said.
  • Non-specific complaints. If you're going to complain, do it to change the world with specifics. Or do it to vent. On a blog
  • People who spit in other peoples' food. Though no previous experience with this, I would imagine it would lead me to go on a rant about treating people like human beings. 
That will do for now. I promise I'll post something more positive next time. And I'll tell you something happy right now: I rode on a motorcycle today. Crossing that off the bucket list. 


  1. This is a fabulous list. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Miss you!


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