What have you been up to?

In an attempt to make small talk and catch up with people, we often say things like,
“How are you doing?”
What have you been up to?”

Which, if you are like me, may result in similar feelings of panic that come when people ask things like What do you want to do after you graduate?”.

Because a.) I’m not sure how detailed of response people want and b.) my answers change from time to time and so I’m always reevaluating those.

And at the same, my life remains pretty constant and I participate in the same activities over and over again.  And since I’m tired of feeling lame by repeating those activities to those who want to know “what I’ve been up to” (whatever that expression even means or asking for), I made a pie chart to carry around and show people what I spend my waking time doing.
Yes, I do things like this.
Which was partly in honor of pi day yesterday, which we celebrating by singing pi carols around our pi tree, throwing confetti at 9:26:53, eating 14 pies (with many friends), and coloring pieces of pie on paper.

Anyways. Here is a role play to introduce it:
Random friend I haven’t seen in a few weeks: “Hey Claire, what have you been up to?”
Me: “Well golly, there's so much. Why don't I show you!” (as I whip out my fancy chart and impress everyone with my preparedness--it's like I knew this question was coming. Which is also given away by the awkward use of the word "golly")


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